The Kettleburgh Chequers - Need To Know

When you stay at The Chequers you need to know where to get breakfast, how to turn the lights on and about the River Deben.

Getting breakfast is dead easy, it's served in the restaurant in the pub.  If it's raining you use one of the umbrellas kept on the veranda to stay dry for The terribly clever door locksthe 50 yard walk to the pub.

When you've used that terribly clever credit card key to open your door you'll find a white thingy just inside for that terribly clever creditThe place that turns the lights on card key to fit in.  This will enable the lights so the normal light switches work.  Clever, eh?

The Chequers' garden is very large and a natural temptation for games of football.  The River Deben runs at the bottom of the garden, is unfenced and about eight feet deep so you really do need to keep an eye on your children.  Less dangerously there are two small but muddy ponds that could make quite a mess of someone retrieving a football!

The River Deben

 Tel: (bookings)

 01728 723760

 Tel: (bar)

 01728 724369


The Chequers




The Mouth to Mouth Theatre Company

Midsummer Night's Dream looked great at the bottom of our garden.

A Suffolk country pub and free house with a bar, restaurant, patio, the river Deben winding its way at the foot of the enormous garden and three luxurious letting rooms providing a self catering suite and  double and twin bed and breakfasts.


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